Playlist of the month November: I Used To Be Sam

Annie Goodchild aka I Used To Be Sam aka the ever glowing seamstress of soulful vocals handcurated a selection of musical sweets for our playlist of the month november. On december 8th she/they will be playing a live session from their newest release, self titled EP I USED TO BE SAM (Irascible). von Mirco Kaempf

Describe the playlist in 3 words

Sweet vocals, songs I wish I wrote & yummy ( not three words but you get it)

Where was your first gig ever?

This is actually a long story but for the purpose of this I’ll say, the first show I played was in a magical little whole in the wall mezcal bar in Antigua, Guatemala called “ Café No Sé”.  

Whats the last concert you saw?

A Sofar Sounds in London

Whats the latest record you added to your collection?

Gabriels - Angels and Queens part 1

If you could throw a party anywhere in Basel where would it be?

My house, cause I’m most comfortable here.

Whats the best late night snack ever?


Something you’d like to say would be____

What did you dream about last night? /Dismantle oppressive systems/ anything coconut flavoured

Thank you Annie! 

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portrait von annie goodchild aka i used to be sam