Ana Jikia

X_ARTS: Ausstellung: ANA JIKIA

Carry own house (years of forced relocation, time to revenge and go spiritual) Ana Jikia ist eine Künstlerin aus Tiflis, Georgien. Derzeit lebt sie in Basel. Ursprünglich als klassische Pianistin ausgebildet, hat sie eine vielfältige künstlerische Praxis entwickelt, die verschiedene Medien wie Musik, Zeichnung und Installation in den letzten zehn Jahren umfasst. von Danielle Bürgin

Ihre Arbeit erforscht hauptsächlich Fragen rund um unbewusstes Material wie Träume, Visionen und spontane Gefühle als mögliche vorübergehende Lösung für existenzielle und nicht-empirische Anliegen. Dies zeigt sie in einer Skulptur, die an ein Mobile erinnert.

Anna Jikia: Carry your own house (years of forced relocation, time to revenge, and go spiritual)

I started to develop this work as a reflection on the stories about homes being taken away from families by microfinance companies and banks. The feeling of lingering danger and terror caused by the fear of losing very little that you have is very familiar to me.

But with this work, I try to abstract my material values and place them in something that at first glance represents nothing, like a piece of paper or a loop of my voice humming and confessing "random" words.I can put all that truly matters to me into "nothing" and finally confuse and trick the powers that are after things that are valuable to us.

Ana Jikia artist from Tbilisi, Georgia. Currently based in Basel. Originally trained as classical pianist she has had diverse artistic practice that include working in different media like music, drawing and installation since last ten years. Her work mostly explores concerns  about unconscious material like dreams, visions and spontanious feelings as a possible temporary resolution to the existential and nonempirical concerns.