Leben neu denken im Ausstellungsraum Klingental

Die aktuellen Arbeiten von Till Langschied und Aebersold x Handberg widmen sich der Frage, wie Leben neu entstehen kann. Welche möglichen Lebensformen gibt es, ausser den uns bereits bekannten? Die Ausstellung X Æ-gen-c A-21 im Ausstellungsraum Klingental ist noch bis zum 6. Juni zu sehen.  von Danielle Bürgin

21.06.01 Ausstellungsraum Klingental

Die aktuelle Ausstellung im Ausstellungsraumklingental lässt einem in neue Lebensformen eintauchen - und zwar mit (fast) allen Sinnen.

Till Langschied
Till Langschied

Die in Basel lebenden Künstler Till Langschied und Aebersold x Handberg haben im Ausstellungsraum Klingental eine Ausstellung konzipiert, die sich der Frage, nach uns unbekannten Lebensformen, widmet. 

Sie erforschen Zwischenräume auf jeweils unterschiedliche Arten. Während Till Langschied mit Videoarbeiten und Codes experimentiert, lässt das Duo Aebersold x Handberg Sound und Licht aufeinander treffen.

Gerade die Installation von Aebersold x Handberg bietet ein Erlebnis der besonderen Art. Sound und Licht haben eine starke Wirkung auf die Besuchenden. Es ist eine Art Ganzkörpererfahrung, die einem wiederfährt.

Aebersold Handberg

Aebersold x Handberg:

Markus Aebersold *1988 in Herzogenbuchsee (CH) & Chris Handberg *1989 in Skive (DK) graduated their BfA together from Institut Kunst HGK Basel in 2017.

"In our installations we often create environments that resonates with spaces inside of ourselves or which we recognise in others. These environments invoke entirely different emotions even between the two of us and can vary from contemplative to anxious, euphoric to meditative or sometimes almost numinous.

Each installation tries to create its own frame of reference but a recurring topic for us is what comes before or after language. Where these environments might be seen as a manifestation of an emotion or inner space it is also exactly this space that induces a specific state or emotion onto us.

To engage with the works of Aebersold and Handberg it is important to understand the real and the virtual as two co-existing realms, with sensory experience as a bridge between them. Using light and sound to erase the border between object and architecture, subject and surrounding, the two artists create something akin to a real virtuality. 

Often presented without context these "virtualities" become platforms where solipsistic and intersubjective experiences merge into something intangible, inducing almost hypnotic states. 

Till Langschied:

Till Langschied is a visual artist who works in a variety of media. Originally from Frankfurt a.M., he studied at the AMD Düsseldorf and under Chus Martinez at the Institut Kunst HGK in Basel where he graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. He currently lives and works in Basel, Switzerland.

Langschied’s artistic research focusses on the relation between humans and technology. On the one hand he is interested in how human bodies increasingly merge with technology, on the other hand he investigates the metaphysics of machines and how they can be seen as more than mere objects. For him, technology and machines are the frozen hopes and dreams of humankind.

Within these topics he explores the constantly evolving relationships between virtual and analogue spaces, operating at the boundaries of these realms. He develops many of his works in digital formats and then transforms them into physical objects and installations, in order to question the agency of the virtual.