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All Day - Episode 3

Would you instead be working in a different discipline or living in a foreign country? Which cross is for you, and which cross can you carry? Further, how do you survive if you do both? This episode of "All Dey" dives much deeper into these questions. von Danielle Bürgin

It examines how you can survive in a space known for doing things a certain way and be quick to discipline when you cross the line. In Switzerland, they take their cross pretty seriously, so you’ve got to stay in line, especially if you’re not from here. In parallel, it’s almost a given to be engaged in some kind of side hustle – crossing and working in a totally different discipline to stay alive.

Kwaku’ Reez’ Opoku: "I wanted to find out what this process of crossing over was like for many adopting a creative endeavor as a second practice. I also wanted to understand further what this cross-disciplinary approach was like for someone who may be perceived as an “Ausländer.” So, speaking to Juney, a nurse and photographer living in Basel, seemed like the perfect conversation."

Episode Credits:
Reported by Kwaku’ Reez’ Opoku

Original music by Reez & Kxlab

Kwaku Opoku übernimmt ab sofort die Redaktion, Moderation und Produktion der neuen Serie "All Dey". Der Künstler, Designer und Musiker ist in Ghana aufgewachsen, hat lange in New York gelebt und ist heute in Basel zu Hause. In Gesprächen geht er einfühlsam auf die Menschen ein, die in irgendeiner Form Hürden in ihrem Arbeitsalltag in der Kreativwirtschaft erleben.