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So heisst der Helvetiarockt Podcast, wo Natalia Anderson mit weiblichen, non-binären, trans und intersex Künstler*Innen über ihre Musik und kreativen Prozesse spricht. von Noemie Keller

21.02.06 Helvetia Rockt Podcast


Der Helvetiarockt Podcast ist auf Englisch! 


In the Helvetiarockt podcast Natalia Anderson talks with female, non-binary, trans and intersex musicians and DJ’s based in Switzerland about their music and creative processes.

"We're trying to demystify how you can get involved in music and create a space where these underrepresented groups are visual in the swiss music scene", says Natalia Anderson.

Underrepresented is the key word. Let's look at the numbers:
On stage there are only 15% women* and in music production there are even less, only 2%. So it's important to make these underrepresented groups visual and also help aspiring musicians to find their way into the music business.

"I love having these conversations, because every person hais their different story, that leads to a interesting topic..."

These stories and experiences shall help others and maybe also show them, that they're not alone with their struggles. But the podcast isn't just directed towards (aspiring) musicians, it also wants to be inspiring or allow taking a glimpse in to the music world, for people that don't call themselves musicians.

"What I hope that people will get out of it, is hearing two people who really love music, having a conversation and talking about personal experiences. I personally feel extremely lucky to have been able to have this conversations. And for me it's also extremely encouraging and motivating, I feel like I wanna start a band again! I've been saying that for the longest time, but after these conversations I'm like: Oh my gosh, I wanna make music!"

You can listen to the podcast down below or check out their website: